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Ethnic Focus

  • African American Genealogy | Discover tools and tips for compiling and furthering the family histories of African American ancestors. [Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate]
  • 8 Sources to Expand Your Slave Research | Researching the lives of American slaves can be an onerous task. Consider these eight sources for additional documentation of enslaved people. [Skill Level: All]


Computer & Software

  • Working with RootsMagicTM: Foundations | Need help organizing family facts, photos, and original documents to tell the stories of your ancestors? Learn how to set up RootsMagic and start recording your research. [Skill Level: Beginner]
  • Compiling Your Genealogy With RootsMagicTM | Keep ahead of your genealogy research, photos, and documents with this user-friendly family tree program.[Skill Level: Intermediate]
  • Leafseeker Scan-A-Thon & Photo Organizing | Do you have lots of photos stuffed in a box aching to be seen? Join us for an afternoon of photo scanning, organizing, and other tips to get your photos prepped and digitized for sharing with the family! [Skill Level: All]

Community History & Preservation

  • Reviving Communities Through Genealogy | Genealogists facilitating community heritage projects & cemetery preservation [Skill Level: All]

Methodology & Skillbuilding

  • PJ Genealogy: Researching Ancestral Records From Home | Stuck at home but yearn to find your ancestors’ documented origins? Discover research tips and strategies to continue family history from your sofa. [Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate]
Leafseeker Consulting
  • Strategies In Genealogy: Moving Beyond the Basics | Finding yourself stumped after launching a family history project? Learn how to plan a research strategy and make use of alternative sources that can move along your genealogy. [Skill Level: Intermediate]
  • Decoding Historical Handwriting | Interpreting old documents can make research difficult. Learn a few tips on reading historical handwriting. [Skill Level: Intermediate]

Self-Guided & Mini Sessions for the Busy Family Historian

  • Timesavers for Weekend Leaf Seekers: Genealogy Tips to Keep You On Track | [Skill Level: Intermediate] – 1 Hour, Self-Guided
  • Weekend Leaf Seekers: Citation Hacks – 20 minutes, Self-Guided
  • Weekend Leaf Seekers: – 20 minutes, Self-Guided
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Nonprofit & Society Management

  • Restructuring Societies for a Healthy, Active Membership | Is your society waning? Restructuring the group may encourage and motivate growth in membership and volunteers. [Skill Level: All]
  • Restructuring Societies: Recruiting Leadership & Retaining Engaged Volunteers | Is your society’s leadership dwindling? Consider fruitful systems to retain and inspire leadership from current and future members. [Skill Level: All]

Online Databases

  • Finding Your Path Using FamilySearch | FamilySearch has a new facelift! You need a new approach to using its resources. Join this workshop to help tackle this digitized repository of records online! [Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate]

Repository Records

  • Probate Records for Family Historian Workshop | Probate records hold a wealth of clues regarding the rich, poor, or transient ancestors. Learn how to access and evaluate probate case files for family history. [Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate]
  • Up & At ’Em: Researching Records In-Person | Online research leaves a lot of records yet to be uncovered and published in digital form. Let’s dive into local repositories and the record collections that warrant a real-time visit. [Skill Level: All]

Sharing the Family Tree

  • Planning Family Reunions & Get-Togethers | Memorable family gatherings start with a bit of preparation, a dash of family history, and a pinch of creative sharing. Discover avenues to host a family reunion that commemorates family lineage. [Skill Level: All]

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