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While each project is unique, often are the services necessary to assist it.
Feel free to contact me for an estimate regarding your specific needs!

LaDonna Garner
PO Box 124, French Village, MO 63036

Office hours: Monday-Friday. (Sat.-Sun. & Holidays reserved for family.)
Note: Due to the nature of this service, in-office hours vary. Therefore, email or snail mail are the best options for communication.

Phone consultations are set by appointment.
Notice: Leafseeker Consulting does not make unsolicited phone calls.
Missouri telephones have been receiving local fake caller ID "spoof" calls.


Need an editor to help compile your book project?
I highly recommend Nicole L. Garner Editing.

Cemetery Preservation

Historic Preservation Services include but not limited to...

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Genealogical assistance

Genealogical Research Services include but not limited to...

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Reserve a speaker

Reserve a Speaker or Host a Workshop...

Additional topics are available. Feel free to request a topic that is not currently listed.

    1. Beginning Genealogy: How to Research Your Family History
    2. Citing and Logging Your Genealogy Research
    3. Citing Sources without the Aggravations: A Genealogy Citations Workshop
    4. African American Genealogy Basics
    5. Probate Records: A Genealogist's Tool that Should Not Be Overlooked
    6. Not Just Plain Old Black & White: Newspaper Research
    7. Save It!: Backing Up and Organzing Photos, Digital Files and Paper Piles
    8. From Hobby to Professional Genealogist
    9. Planning Family Reunions
    10. C.S. I. For Cemeteries
    11. Strategies in Genealogy Research
    12. Preservation of Midwest Pioneer Cemeteries
    13. Setting up Your Cemetery Preservation Project
    14. Don't Forget Their House!: Researching the Homes of our Ancestors
    15. Weaving Heirloom Treasures Into The Family Tree